How to Take Care of Your Beard

If you want an awesome beard you have to know how to take care of it. Grooming is essential and so is keeping it clean. You never know what could find its way into the depths of your beard causing you to lose a Cheeto or something. There are things that men have found in their beards that they probably don’t even want to tell you about. So keeping it well-groomed is absolutely essential.

Trimming the Beard

If you don’t know how to trim your own beard go and have someone professional do it. If you do plan on doing it on your own make sure you have a high-quality beard trimmer. Not something bought in a discount bin at Wal-Mart. A real beard trimmer that keeps your full beard under control. Consider purchasing a cordless trimmer so you have easy access to it at all times.

One good tip is to never trim your beard when it is wet. Hair is always longer when it is wet so you do not want to cut off too much. Some men prefer to use the comb and scissors method to trim their beards. If you are experienced with this method, by all means, go for it. But leave it to the professionals. Beard trimmers are much easier to use and cause less of a hassle.

Don’t ever trim your beard if you simply do not have the right tools to do the job. Might as well get the job done right or go purchase an awesome set of barber scissors or a pair of clippers. When using a comb it is always best to use a wide-tooth comb. Fine-tooth combs will work fine on moustaches but not on beards. If you have a three-way mirror that would be awesome. Then you can see every angle of your face so you can make sure that the beard is even.

If you do decide to use a comb and scissors make sure that you comb out your beard and only cut the hair that is on the outer part of the comb. It may take some practice, but you will get the hang of it.

When purchasing a beard trimmer make sure that it comes with a trimming guide that can easily be removed and adjusted. This will determine how closely you plan on trimming your beard.

Washing Your Beard

The beard is hair, ya know. So you have to wash it just like you wash the hair that is on your head. You might want to pick up a light shampoo as the hair on your beard can become sensitive. It is also best to use a conditioner if you have one. This will make it easy for you to comb out when you groom it. Rinse it out thoroughly as this could cause a dandruff problem and nobody has time for that.

When you dry your beard make sure you only wipe and pat it with a towel, but not too rough. Do not blow-dry it! This could make things worse by causing your skin to dry out even more. Use a wide-tooth comb to brush out any tangles.

Beard Dandruff and Other Issues

Just like with any hair you are bound to get dry skin or dandruff. You can use regular dandruff shampoo on your beard to prevent dandruff from occurring. You can also purchase some beard oil to help keep dry skin at bay. It may cause some itching but a good beard oil or balm should help with that. There are products on the market such as “Beard Wash” that will help keep dandruff away. But some good old Head and Shoulders should easily do the trick.

There are also some other products out there that might help with the beard dandruff. Beard oil is definitely the best product you can buy when it comes to dry skin in the beard. It can be embarrassing, but just like with regular dandruff, you can take care of business with no problem.

Dying Your Beard

Okay, it is inevitable, we are all going to go gray at some point. And yes, your beautiful beard can also go gray. Some men like having a little gray in the beard. It adds a little bit of rugged manliness to it. Other dudes simply cannot deal with the thought of having gray in their beards. You can always use a comb-in beard color that will get rid of the gray pretty fast. This isn’t the method for everyone, but if you seriously cannot handle seeing gray in your beard there are tons of products on the market that can help you out.

Just for Men makes a comb-in hair dye product that is easy to use if you are embarrassed by your graying beard. It comes with a tiny brush where you can come in the color without getting it everywhere. Some men may think this is less manly, but hey, to each their own. It is recommended that if you plan on coloring your beard to grow it out for a couple of weeks before you do. This makes it easier to color and you will get less dye on your skin. Take a shower and make sure it is rinsed out thoroughly.

Shaving off Your Beard

If the time has come and you are ready to shave off your beard then there is a certain way you should go about it. Not sure why anybody would want to lose their beard, but whatever. If you are sporting a full beard, it is best to trim it down with clippers before you do a full shave. This will make your job much easier. Once you get it down to a manageable level, you can then shave it off with an electric razor. You also need to purchase a high-quality shaving cream, not the cheap stuff. That is a lot of hair that you are taking off your face, be careful! I don’t know about you but I would be very sad if I lost my beard.

This may sound like a “girly” thing to say but you should always moisturize after you shave your beard completely off. Your skin has been covered by this big manly beard for quite some time and has not seen the light of day in many moons. You may have some excess dry skin or other issues that can be caused by having a man-tastic beard. It would be easiest if you simply did not shave it off at all!

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