Sad Truths About Smart People

Being self-critical: Smart people can see through themselves. They can keep their ego aside and see their flaws and shortcomings. Perhaps they lack social empathy or have a slurry speech. Unlike the commonly perceived trait of intelligence, smart people may be slow in processing information or they may be less creative than they expect from […]

What’s Wrong With the Hare And the Tortoise Story

“The hare and the tortoise”, for me, is a bullshit story. Sure, the tortoise won the race. But the hare enjoyed a nice nap. How important is it in life to live in the moment; to live for oneself than to run in a race chasing materialistic trophies. The story is a failure even if […]

The Satisfaction Dilemma

Am I satisfied with my life? Look at this photo: When I look down the mountain and see where I have come from, I see my life as an achievement. I see the risks I have taken, the discomfort I have endured, the competition I have overtaken and obstacles I have braved. I feel satisfied. […]